Forming and Rolling

At FC&A Metal Fabrication, our forming capabilities are powered by precision and versatility. With two state-of-the-art press brakes featuring programmable back gauges, we offer a dynamic range of capabilities:

80-Ton Press Brake & 235-Ton Press Brake

  • Programmable back gauge for accuracy
  • Capable of bending carbon steel from 20ga to 3/8″ thickness
  • Accommodates materials up to 12 feet in length

235-Ton Press Brake:

Our press brakes provide the precision and power needed for bending operations, allowing us to meet the unique requirements of your projects with efficiency and accuracy.

Rolling Capabilities:

FC&A Metal Fabrication takes pride in offering comprehensive rolling services, catering to both plate and tube rolling needs. Our advanced equipment ensures reliable and precise results:

Plate Rolling:

  • Minimum diameter of 4 inches
  • Maximum length of 48 inches
  • Handles 3/8″ plate thickness

Tube Rolling:

  • Accommodates square tubes up to 2″ x 11Ga
  • Processes Sch40 pipes up to 2-1/2″ in diameter

Our plate and tube rolling capabilities empower us to shape a variety of materials, meeting the curvature specifications of your projects. Whether you require intricate bends or seamless rolling, FC&A is equipped to deliver exceptional results.

formed part assembly
large pieces of rolled metal on pallet in warehouse
formed rectangular part examples of different sizes
two worker feeding material into large forming machine
large curved bent metal pieces on pallet